60th Birthday Ideas: Celebrate 60 Years with These Memorable Party Ideas

60th birthday ideas don’t have to begin and end with “Let’s joke about being over the hill!’” Yes, anyone turning 60 this year was born close to the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, and man’s first walk on the moon. Sure, a 60-candle cake with a nearby fire extinguisher will get a few laughs. But what about a 60th birthday party that’s truly memorable? One that’s fun for everyone involved, both for celebrators and the guest of honor?

Traditionally, the 60th birthday gift is diamonds, but these 60th birthday ideas won’t require you to purchase expensive gemstones — unless you want to. Instead, these ideas are for vibrant 60-year-olds who wish to have an exciting experience. Luckily, the party you plan doesn’t have to be extravagant. You could schedule a quiet evening with a few friends for a low-key birthday bash. Don’t worry — this list has ideas for that type of celebration, too. 

Eight 60th Birthday Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Celebration 

Whether you’re researching 60th birthday party ideas for him or 60th birthday ideas for her, you have to know the person you’re planning to celebrate. In this list, you’ll find plenty of action-oriented and relaxing possibilities.

1. Axe Throwing

Here’s one that will make every person at the party feel like a kid! So if you’re wondering if axe throwing really means throwing axes, the answer is yes. If you’ve never experienced axe-throwing, picture an indoor archery range, bowling alley, and batting cage all in one. You get your lane, targets, and axes. When you get the birthday package, the targets are interactive so that you can take aim at traditional bullseyes, zombie heads, and other cool stuff.

Planning Tips: 

  • Book well in advance at Axe Master to ensure they can accommodate a large group (up to 80 people). 
  • Make sure the birthday person brings an ID or birth certificate to prove it’s their 60th birthday. 
  • You and the rest of your party should sign the waivers beforehand so everyone can start as quickly as possible. 
  • Wear closed-toe shoes. 
  • Everyone will get training before the throwing starts. 
  • As you can imagine, you should defer any alcoholic beverage consumption until the after-party! 
  • Axe Master encourages photos, so take as many as you want and be sure to tag them on social media.

2. Private Concert

To take it to the next level, you can hire a national touring act or local musicians to perform. If you have deep pockets, you can get ZZ-Top, Stevie Nicks, Christopher Cross, and others to perform at your party. But if you want to keep costs reasonable, expect to pay between $1,000 and $1,500 for up to four hours of live music. Since you’re looking up 60th birthday party ideas, hiring a tribute act specializing in the birthday person’s favorite era or artist is an excellent idea for the party.

Planning Tips:

  • If you plan to have the event at home, ensure your neighbors are okay with live music. Check with your local police if there are noise ordinances banning such activities or if there are sound thresholds during specific times of the day. Also, ensure you have enough power and space to accommodate a band! 
  • If you plan to have a band at a venue, that’s a much simpler setup. You must check with the venue and the band to coordinate sound and light requirements.
  • Concerts are one of the most fun 60th birthday themes because it’s a chance to act young again. Ask all the participants to dress like they’re going to a concert — band t-shirts, retro clothes, etc. 
  • Hire a bartender and make it feel like a real concert from back in the day!

3. Wine/Beer Tasting

Looking for more elegant 60th birthday party ideas? Booking a tasting at a winery gives the 60-year celebrant an excuse to get dressed up and enjoy an upscale soiree. Depending on where you live, this one might take some traveling to get to an actual winery, but chances are you live close to a tasting room with plenty of incredible cabernets, chardonnays, and more. 

Perhaps you think the celebrant would prefer a tasting of some incredible brews! Beer tastings can be just as upscale, especially if you’re willing to provide rare and expensive microbrews and imports. A beer tasting is an opportunity to make the event less formal. Additionally, a microbrewery near you would probably love to host your birthday party.

Planning Tips:

  • First and foremost, have one or more designated drivers selected. Alternatively, you can set up some Uber or Lyft rides. If you want to make it super fancy, rent a limo!
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Have one beforehand if you aren’t having a meal with the tasting.
  • Ensure the birthday person and attendees have formal attire ready for a fancy affair. You can make it super fancy and rent a tux or gown!
  • Make reservations. You don’t want to arrive only to find out it’s booked.

4. Laser Tag

A list of exciting, youthful 60th birthday ideas wouldn’t be complete without laser tag. For those who might not be familiar, laser tag is like paintball without pellets. It’s an old-west shootout, but you have harmless lasers. Each participant wears infrared signaling devices that beep or light up when shot by a laser. Typically two groups battle each other to see who can take out the other one first. It’s perfect for more active families who have a friendly competitive streak. It’s one of those 60th birthday ideas perfect for kids to attend — especially if extended family will be joining you.

Planning Tips:

  • Everyone should wear solid dark-colored shirts, preferably black. Since most laser tag arenas are dark, hiding from opponents is much more effortless.
  • Decide teams ahead of time. If anyone is going to get bent out of shape over losing a laser tag game, other party ideas don’t involve a battle-royale scenario!
  • Have gift bags ready for participants. It’ll smooth over any losses. Alternatively, have prizes for the winners if you think everyone will take losses in stride.

5. Barbecuing in the Backyard

You don’t have to go anywhere to celebrate 60 years of life. A backyard will do just fine! Does the birthday person enjoy grilling meats to perfection? Here’s a chance to let them practice their craft while you plan the rest of the get-together. 

Do they want to relax and be pampered instead? Perhaps another family member can handle the BBQ, or you could even get it catered. Don’t forget desserts, either! Make it fun with an ice cream bar, snow cones, or other perfect outdoor treats.

If you have an outdoor pool, make it a pool party! That is especially great if you have kids joining in the festivities. You could get some squirt guns, set up a net for pool volleyball, or put up an inflatable slide to entertain young ones. If the birthday celebrant prefers, they can always lounge in a beach chair, sipping a drink or eating cake while the rest of the party surrounds them.

Planning Tips:

  • Decorate! Make a theme for your backyard. If you’re trying to develop a traditional color scheme, you might wonder, what is the color for 60th birthday celebrations? There isn’t a specific one, though silver, gold, white, and black are standard. You can’t go wrong if you use the celebrant’s favorite color instead. 
  • Send out invitations well in advance. Use a free service such as Evite and make the invitations paperless.
  • Clean! The house should be ready for guests and presentable, especially the bathrooms.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of parking. You might need volunteers or even hired help to valet cars.
  • You should rent tables and chairs if you don’t have enough seating.
  • Have plenty of activities and games to keep people occupied. Make them optional and easy to drift in and out of.

6. Go-Kart Racing

Getting behind the wheel and putting the pedal to the metal in a dedicated race machine is a blast, but you don’t have to pay high fees for track time in an exotic sports car to have a great time. Go-karts can offer incredible speed, especially if you opt for a dedicated, professional kart racing business with powerful, well-designed, and maintained karts. Most tracks will also have on-site arcades, restaurants, and other entertainment options for those who don’t feel like participating in the action. Like laser tag, go-kart racing is one of those 60th birthday celebration ideas that are fun for people of every age. 

Planning Tips:

  • Wear clothing appropriate for driving a go-kart. No long, flowing dresses and heals, no three-piece suits. Think jeans or shorts, a T-shirt, and sneakers.
  • Have backup activities and breaks built-in. Some karts can be pretty extreme, and piloting them around a track can get tiring, especially if drivers get competitive with each other.
  • Take a video! It’ll be fun for the racers to look back and see how they drove. Maybe even create prizes for family members and friends who achieve top positions.

7. A Cruise

Cruises are fantastic for a 60th birthday because you can bring huge groups of friends and family or make it just you and the celebrant. Or you can send the birthday person alone for a rejuvenating private respite. 

Cruises are where you can guarantee a responsibility-free, relaxation-filled birthday where you can plan activities for every waking moment or just lie back in a deck chair the whole time. Want to decorate the room? Go for it. Rather spend that money and time booking a massage and purchasing a nice bottle of wine? You can do whatever the birthday person wants.

Planning Tips:

  • Pack properly. You don’t want to be stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean and realize you forgot something essential, like your medication, phone charger, or waterproof case.
  • Check the news. Remember early 2020? There were people booking cruises in January, full of hope. If your cruise gets canceled because of, for example, a pandemic, have a backup plan.
  • Find the right cruise. Some cruises are just that — cruises. Maybe the birthday person wants to be on a quiet boat with a buffet hot and always ready. Or perhaps they might want something more akin to a Disney Cruise or Rock Legends Cruise, with entertainment, imaginative decor, and a whimsical atmosphere.

8. Rent an Entire Movie Theater

Sometimes, movies seemed so much better back in the day. Someone turning 60 in 2023 would have been a teenager in the mid-’70s and early ’80s who watched “Star Wars,” “ET,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and other classics on the big screen. 

You can rent a movie theater screen to serve up a healthy dish of nostalgia! Large chain theaters usually have restrictions on what movies you can watch (primarily new releases), but independent chains will generally let you bring whatever movie you want. The cost is anywhere from $100 to $500, depending on your desired day and time and what theater chain you choose.

Planning Tips:

  • Call your local theaters well in advance. They won’t block off many screens for rental purposes; usually, only one is available for private parties. Make that reservation early!
  • Large theaters typically won’t allow decorations or custom content to be shown before or after the movie.
  • Even if you rent a theater all to yourself, they generally won’t let you bring in outside food and drink. You can eat what the theater sells or plan a meal after the movie.
  • The theater will most likely require you to arrive 15 minutes before showtime. Check the guidelines before the day of the celebration.

Axe Master: The Most Exciting 60th Birthday Choice

If you’ve never mastered the art of throwing an axe at a target, it’s one of the more satisfying events in life. Want to feel like a ninja, a Viking, or a super-spy assassin who uses axes as their weapon of choice? 

Ever throw two axes at the same time? Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Choose between 1.5 or 2-hour axe-throwing interactive sessions that include training, and let us host a birthday party that won’t be forgotten.

Axe Master even provides a free gift for the birthday person and a party room with interactive targets! We also have costumes to get you into the axe-throwing spirit, such as Viking helmets and lumberjack beards. A 60th birthday celebration at Axe Master is like becoming a kid again! If that sounds like a gift worth giving, contact Axe Master today and book an unforgettable birthday!