20 Fun and Memorable Class Reunion Ideas

Are you starting up a committee to organize a school reunion?

This is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with old classmates, see long-lost acquaintances as adults, and share stories from your glory days.

However, creating clever class reunion ideas can take time and effort. While you want to give everyone time to catch up, especially those returning to their hometown for the event, you don’t want it to drag on into boredom. 

Instead, plan out a class reunion game or two!

Whether you’re planning your 1st, 5th, or 50th class reunion, these ideas will surely be memorable!

How to Plan a High School Reunion

If it’s getting close to the customary reunion year and you haven’t heard anything about preparations, it might be time to take the initiative and begin organizing things on your own.

Organizing a great high school reunion can be a lot of work, so you may want to recruit other classmates to assist you. After all, the hurdles of organizing such a large gathering are rarely depicted in class reunion films. However, with a committee at hand, designating roles and tasks become much more manageable. 

Find as many classmates as you can after you’ve settled on the most popular day to get an estimate of how many people will be able to attend. The school office can help with a contact list to help you reach out to as many alums as possible. 

Once you have your team and a list of students in place, it’s time to set a date for the party. Start by asking around to your fellow students or setting up a poll on social media. It’s essential to select the reunion date well in advance, considering the distances many attendees will have to travel.

Next, it’s time to choose between the different themes for class reunions. Your theme and color scheme will inspire everything from the invitations to the table settings to the menu. While school colors are traditionally used at reunions, you may also want to decorate with a color that relates to the event’s theme.

Finally, with everything sorted, it’s time to book a spot, organize refreshments, set a price, and send out the invites.

20 Exciting Class Reunion Ideas for Everyone

A school reunion is an excellent opportunity to see old friends after what can feel like a lifetime has passed since you last saw them. Here are 20 high school reunion ideas so everyone has a blast while riding a wave of nostalgia:

    1. Prizes
      Giving out prizes at the reunion is a fun way to find out what everybody’s been up to in the last few years (or decades!) The awards can be for any number of things, similar to the superlatives given at the end of your school days. Award prizes to returning alum with the most intriguing jobs, or give out funny ones like “most gray hair.” You can honor classmates for looking the most like they did in high school or college. You can also celebrate the person who has earned the most advanced degrees or whose contributions have influenced the world. Remember that you shouldn’t take these awards too seriously. After all, inexpensive class reunion ideas are typically the most fun. They will cherish an old mix tape of classics from their graduation year more than an actual medal.
    2. Axe Throwing
      Are you looking for class reunion ideas that everyone will talk about for years but don’t require much work to plan? Venues like Axe Master are fully prepared to host your event, giving you more time to rekindle old bonds and maybe old flames. However, the best part is that it’s an activity that everyone can enjoy! Feeling the heft of a genuine throwing axe is unparalleled. It’s an exhilarating experience that the attendees of your axe-throwing reunion will never forget. Axe tossing is a great way to get people talking and bring together large groups. Whether through strategy sharing or friendly competition between rivals, axe throwing gives your former classmates a chance to settle into the party, relax, and hit a target with a primal rush.
    3. Photoshoot
      At a class reunion, you can take memorable pictures. Investing in an event photographer can be worth it if you want images that the whole group will enjoy. Alternatively, you can bring a digital camera to the party as a treat or purchase disposable cameras for nostalgic picture ops. Reenacting high school images with the same classmates years later is just one of the creative class reunion ideas made possible by photography.
    4. School Tour
      Even if your alma mater isn’t the best choice for hosting the whole reunion, a visit for a tour could be a lot of fun for everyone. Find out from the school administration if a tour is possible, and then enjoy exploring what time has done to your former school. This would be a wonderful way to kick off the party and begin reminiscing.
    5. Bingo
      Large-scale class reunion ideas might be overwhelming for people who just want to see old friends and catch up. Class bingo and similar low-key games are perfect for these kinds of celebrations. Include questions such as “Find who ran for local government” and “Find the person who quit law school to help the underprivileged” on the bingo card. The classmates that these interesting tidbits pertain to can “approve” the bingo card by signing it.
    6. Celebration on the Water
      A barge or cruise on the water is an excellent option for a night out if you live in a city with access to water. Getting out of town and doing something different with your old pals is a great way to break the ice and bond in a novel setting.
    7. Then and Now Slideshow
      It might be challenging to recall specific details from one’s high school years; therefore, a fantastic photo slideshow is a perfect way to refresh everyone’s memory. You can also use local, international, or pop news articles and photographs from that era. It’s one of those reunion plans that’ll get people talking and possibly even solicit a few laughs at what used to be in trend.
    8. School Jeopardy!
      Split everyone into teams for a round of Jeopardy! Have the teams compete to see who has the best recall with questions like “This English teacher was known for his impossibly bushy eyebrows.” Jeopardy! is one of the best 10-year class reunion ideas because it’s been long enough that some of the trivia isn’t too fresh, but it hasn’t been too long that answering questions would be impossible. While you want to have most of your questions be about your school, you can include topics such as popular bands or recalling local events from when you were in school together. Just remember to answer in the form of a question.
    9. Never Have I Ever
      The goal of the popular party game Never Have I Ever is to persuade old friends to share exciting anecdotes about themselves. Though this is typically a drinking game, you can easily convert it to a liquid-free version by having participants stand in front of chairs, sitting whenever they’ve done what’s being called out. Questions can cover a wide range of subjects, from “Never have I ever had a navel piercing” or “Never have I ever kissed someone in this room.”
    10. Go to a Brewery
      Craft beer is the perfect icebreaker. These days, craft breweries and beer bars are all the rage, and many have large indoor and outdoor areas perfect for hosting parties. In addition to giving out personalized can coolers as party gifts, you could also inquire with the Brewmeister about brewing a one-off beer in honor of the occasion.
    11. Make a Soundtrack
      One of the easiest class reunion ideas to incorporate is a musical soundtrack. Play old jams from your teen years to keep the nostalgia train rolling! Play some slow music to dance to and feel like you’re back at prom, songs that people will recognize, and then some upbeat tracks that will get people moving.
    12. Guess That Tune
      You can add to the audio mix a game of Guess That Tune. Make a playlist of hit songs from your era of schooling and play them all night long. Remember to add in some one-hit wonders as well! Have the audience try to identify the performer and song in exchange for token rewards.
    13. Have a Prom Party
      Do you remember how every prom had its own memorable theme? Under the Sea, Starry Night, Masquerade Party — you get the idea. It may have seemed silly when you were a too-cool-for-school teen experiencing it, but now that you’re an adult with a lifetime of experience behind you, a theme party is just the ticket! Either reuse your old prom theme or create the one you wished you had, this time without the teen-angst.
    14. Fun Park
      Throw your party at the local fun park or fair, relive your childhood on the Ferris Wheel, and win stuffed animals with friends. An amusement park makes it easy. Just designate a central gathering spot where everyone can chat over funnel cakes and head off for some rides.
    15. Four Corners
      Four corners is a sorting game that can answer some of the most common questions that pop-up at a school reunion. The game works by having an announcer read out questions such as, “Who’s never moved since graduation?” and “Who’s moved once, twice, or more?” The people will then be directed to the appropriate corner for their answers. Allow everyone a minute to chat with their fellow respondents after each question.
    16. Wild it Up
      If there is a zoo or aquarium in the area, that might be a great place to hold the reunion. If the aquatic or furry buddy who serves as your school’s mascot is on display, remember to take a group photo with the whole gang! As they peruse the displays, former classmates can share stories and laughs over shared memories for a reminder of the good old days.
    17. Gathering for the Holidays
      Consider holding your reunion during the holiday season when many of your classmates will be back in town. By having it near significant events, more people are likely to say they can attend, and many locations will already be decked out for the holidays with tinsel and lights, so you won’t have to do much decorating.
    18. Scavenger Hunt
      Are you looking for class reunion ideas to get you moving? Divide the class into groups and send them on a city tour to see the places they used to hang out in when they were in high school. As they visit each location, they should find a clue that leads them to the next. Food and drink can be included at the final stop. Rewards like POGs, beanie babies, or something more culturally relevant to your class can be issued to the fastest team.
    19. Speed Meeting
      Similar in vein to speed dating, this game offers an opportunity to meet people who you just may never have crossed paths with back in school. Everyone who wishes to play should form two parallel lines and stand across from a stranger. Ring a bell, have everyone switch partners, and talk to someone else for three to five minutes. This is an excellent opportunity for members of a large graduating class to reconnect with classmates they may not have known well during their time in school.
    20. Casino Night
      Playing blackjack, mini-baccarat, and roulette at a casino party is just as exciting as playing for real money. Still, your classmates won’t have to worry about losing any of their own money. However, it would be best if you considered which games to include. Attendees are more likely to mingle and reconnect with one another if party games don’t take up too much time and are easy to learn. If you want to go all-out, consider a casino event organizer. They can offer decor to transform the event venue into a genuine Las Vegas casino.

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