15 Awesome Guys’ Night Out Ideas

Are you and your boys sick of the same old routine for guys’ nights out? 

Whether it’s spending a night hanging out in the man cave or grabbing a beer at the local sports bar, it might be time to consider some different guys’ night out ideas.

Most guys have too many commitments to make a guys’ night a regular thing. So how do you make that time you have more exciting? 

Axe Master’s got you covered if you’re looking for guys’ night ideas to liven up your next get-together.

The Benefits of a Guys' Night Out

No matter how stoic a guy is, no man is an island, and the lack of company can have significant ramifications outside of loneliness.

According to German studies, men benefit physically and mentally from having regular opportunities to socialize with other men.

The study surrounded the behavior of male macaques and how they developed connections that serve as a safety net against the pressures of daily life, much like those that people have with their peers.

In the study, the group of males tended to compete aggressively for the attention of females, but they may form close friendships with a select minority of their fellow males. It has been proven that the strength of these “friendships” can buffer against the harmful impacts of social and environmental stressors.

Researchers found that when monkeys were cleaning fleas out of each other’s fur, they quickly became close, a phenomenon that might be compared in human terms to sharing a beer or cheering on a favorite team. 

This is pretty compelling evidence that guys should prioritize spending time with other guys, and coming up with things to do with the boys is a great idea.

15 Fun Guys Night Out Ideas

Going out with the boys is a time-honored tradition for men. However, it’s not always easy to think of something to do outside their routine activities. If you’re looking for something new, here are 15 fun things to do for a guys’ night out:

    1. Enjoy a Night of Axe Throwing
      Axe throwing is becoming increasingly popular for spending a fun evening out. It’s a great way for friends to hang out and catch up while having a good time, knocking down a few beers, and making unforgettable memories. Axe throwing is a terrific way to spend an original and entertaining evening with the guys. And thanks to places like Axe Masters, planning and preparation are a breeze!
    2. Shoot Some Pool
      Are you looking for hang-out ideas with a guy group that is slightly competitive but fun? A game of pool is more of a social activity than a serious sporting event. The excitement of the game comes from measuring your angles, chalking your cube, and being the first guy to attempt a behind-the-back stroke. You don’t have to kick off the night with the Color of Money, but it won’t hurt.
    3. Deal Out the Poker Chips
      Poker nights are rapidly becoming a national phenomenon in the United States and have been a staple among things to do with the guys. When a group of men gets together to play, the result is more than just light diversion. Playing poker is more than just a game of skill and strategy for guys; it’s also a chance to test one’s mettle against rivals. Toss in a boatload of “competitive spirit” loaded with adrenaline, and you have the whole package. So, grab your chips, lay out the felt, and tap your inner Sherlock as you try and figure out your friends’ “tells” for an exciting guys’ night out.
    4. Enjoy a Delicious Steak
      Every man should be able to treat himself to a hot, delicious steak once in a while. Make it a group activity by making a reservation at a steakhouse and inviting all of the guys you know. But don’t just order the steak; get some appetizers and cap the night with some delicious dessert.
    5. Roll into Game Night
      Games are an obvious choice among fun activities for guys to do. If you choose virtual balls over physical ones, grab your competitive buddies and load up your console of choice. We promise you will have a great time with whichever type of game you choose, from first-person shooters to platforming party games. You’ll have more fun than if you played alone because your buddies will be there to join in the action. If you don’t want your list of guys’ night out ideas doesn’t involve a screen, there may be alternative hobbies. Board games can be just as exciting when victory is one dire roll away.
    6. Duck, Dive, Dodge with Laser Tag
      Putting on the gear and heading out on a laser-tag adventure with your friends is a great way to spend an evening full of high-octane excitement. Gather the gents in squads and relive your youths racing around the laser tag arena. There’s little doubt that the night will go down in history as a time filled with heart-pounding excitement as you dash around the playing field, cutting through the fog and blasting friends across the arena.
    7. Shoot Some Hoops or Toss the Ol’ Pigskin
      While many guys like a good game of FIFA or NBA 2k, nothing beats getting out and playing ball with your pals. It may not be the most innovative among other guys’ night out ideas, but it’s good for bonding and your health. As long as there’s some competition, you’ll all have a great time playing against each other and coming out on top as friends.
    8. Relax at a Hookah Bar
      Not every night out on the town has to be a big, boisterous event. If you’re a shisha fan, a hookah lounge is perfect for chilling out and enjoying good company. Hookah’s flavorings make it popular amongst people who don’t smoke cigarettes. Fruity varieties like apple, mango, and cherry sit alongside herbal and spicy flavors on the menus of most hookah lounges. If you’re not a hookah fan, a cigar bar is another popular option for relaxing and communal time with friends. These spaces are typically lavishly furnished, include a wide variety of spirits, and offer top-notch service your group of friends could enjoy.
    9. Wild’Out While Camping
      Camping is one of the quintessential guy activities you should consider adding to your list of guys’ night out options. Camping is a fantastic solution if you’ve ever hosted a guy’s night but dreaded the chaos and clutter that ensued. Best yet, camping gear is widely available to ensure you don’t sleep on a rock. You and the boys can sit back and relax because most modern sites have electricity, facilities, showers, and minimal rules regarding noise. Fire is also an option. A large bonfire is a favorite pastime that everyone will love adding to throughout the night.
    10. Gather Everyone for a Movie
      Sometimes, guys’ weekend activities need to be simple. Get the men together for a movie night when you want to chill out and don’t feel like going to bars or clubs. Since men tend to have hectic schedules, it’s crucial to settle on a film to watch, a meeting time, and the number of tickets everyone will need in advance.
    11. Get Messy with Paintball
      Everyone enjoys a good round of COD: Warzone, so why not take action away from the TV and into their own game of paintball? Looking for fun things to do with the boys? Well, get the guys together, devise a plan, and rev up to take down the local teenagers! It’s a fun way to compete with other teams and get your adrenaline pumping.
    12. Strike Out to the Bowling Alley
      It’s time to find out who can throw a perfect game. While getting 300 might be outside the scope of most of your bros, it’s not really about the score at the end of the day (unless someone gets under 100.) It’s a healthy and fun way to hang out with the guys, so pick a ball and try and hook it into the pocket.
    13. Get in Some Target Practice
      The local shooting ranges might provide a fun and exciting evening if you’re looking for a new social activity. It’s a lot of fun to shoot at both moving and still targets. If you don’t have your own firearms, don’t worry; most shooting ranges will rent high-quality firearms for a small cost.
    14. Burn Some Rubber on a Racetrack
      This could be a fun night out, depending on where you live. Visit the track and discover all it offers if you have the chance. Occasionally, you’ll get to drive a supercar. You might also try looking for go-kart tracks instead. It’s a fun way to pass the time because you can have the same excitement without breaking the bank. There is a proliferation of go-kart racetracks, many of which are connected to nearby amusement parks.
    15. Grilling Out (in Your Backyard)
      Sometimes, a guy’s night out is just outside your patio door. An outside barbeque is an excellent way for the guys to spend an evening together since it allows them to bond over their love of good food and the great outdoors. After all, what could be more enjoyable than hosting a little backyard barbecue for close friends? An advantage of this get-together is that you can hold it throughout the year!

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