Are you tired of watching movies or playing video games and want to do something new?!

If yes, then try one of the Atlanta’s top escape room experiences. Escape rooms in Atlanta are perfect for families or friends who want to spend some time together playing a real life game instead of computer games. These adventure games are sure to give you and your family or friends an exciting, and exhilarating time.

If you’re not familiar with escape rooms, they are basically real physical adventure games where participants are required to solve puzzles by making use of clues, hints as well as strategies in order to complete specific objectives. Usually, the players have a 60 minute time limit in which they need to solve the puzzles in order to escape the room. The game usually set as different themes and it includes Aztec Temples, space stations, prison cells and so on. Players is given a chance to choose their challenge, according to the kind of fun they want to enjoy.

Most escape rooms come with added sounds and lighting to make the experience as real as possible and also to help you work fast in finding the hints and solving the different puzzles before time is up.

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