There’s no “i” in team, but there may be the sharpened end of an axe! If you’re looking for a challenge that combines fun, games and a great team building experience, look no further than Axe Master. Axe Throwing is where team building team truly comes together. It’s team building on terms like you’ve never seen it before. Bring your whole office or class and see why axe throwing is quickly becoming the go-to team building experience in USA!

Team Building Activities: Why Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is quickly becoming the company choice for team building in Atlanta, San Antonio, and other cities. You and your team may get along well and you may have worked together for years, but axe throwing brings a whole new level of cooperation! We provide all the tools including the axes and targets and a full indoor bar stocked with food and drinks. If you need team building events that are designed to improve collaboration and cooperation in a way that goes beyond your typical support programs. Whether you’re looking for ways to encourage building team morale or classes to help break the ice, axe throwing challenges you to combine form and function into one fun, energetic and heart-pounding experience.

Team Building Events: Like No Other!

Browse our site to see what the local press has to say as well as reviews from corporations, small businesses and other groups who have hosted private, interactive leadership building events with us. Not all team building activities encourage drinking, but at Axe Master, you can enjoy the best of all possible worlds along with great camaraderie.

The best venues in Sugar Hill for team building offer high quality experiences that center on complete customer satisfaction. View the many reviews and testimonials to see how your team could view the experience here at Axe Master. We set expectations high and then aim to beat them with the very best in axe throwing. The experiences you’ll have together are too numerous to list, but once you’ve tried your hand at axe throwing, don’t be surprised if your employees ask to come back. It’s that fun!

Forget about ice breakers like scavenger hunts on a map or other “been there, done that” boring team events. Sign up for something that truly encourages people to work together to complete an objective. You’ll be surprised at how people come together for something as simple yet as fun as axe throwing!

Even if neither you nor your coworkers have ever picked up an axe in your life, we’ll show you exactly how to get started! Our axe throwing pros will teach you the proper techniques for axe throwing and before you know it, you’ll be landing bulls-eyes on the targets like you’ve been throwing axes your whole life!

Group Activities in that Your Team Won’t Soon Forget!

Team building Atlanta activities are almost always the same bland, boring and dull corporate outings. But at Axe Master, you can put your team to the task and inspire a little friendly (and sometimes fierce) competition! Watch that introverted guy in accounting unleash his inner Viking as he turns into a powerful axe throwing champion. Who knows? One day he may become a World Axe Throwing Champion. Discover your sales team’s true drive as they destroy the competition and true leaders emerge. By the end of an axe throwing session at Axe Master, your team is closer than ever and totally pumped to tackle your business objectives with power and poise. Who knew that axe throwing could create such lasting team relationships?

To be sure, axe throwing is one of those team building activities that your team won’t soon forget. Corporate outings are often a yawn-fest that don’t exactly encourage people to work together to solve issues or create a plan, but at Axe Master, true leaders are made. Whether you’re in the midst of a merger and need to reorient your team toward their goals, or you are looking for a way to bolster confidence to hit those next sales goals, nothing says total collaboration quite like an axe successfully stuck in its target!

Fun Group Activities for Adults

There are plenty of group activities in Atlanta, San Antonio, and other cities, but few of them offer something just for adults. And let’s face it, axe throwing lets your inner child out to play. Who wouldn’t leap at the chance to unleash their inner roar as they discover this centuries-old tradition? Historically, axe throwing has been done for centuries as a challenge and a way to prove bravery and strength.

And although your team may not be made up of lumberjacks, it’s still incredibly fun to test your skill and see who can truly outperform the others. Why complain about your competition when you can chuck an axe at their logo instead? Axe throwing is one of a handful of incredible group activities for adults in Atlanta — and one that will definitely leave a lasting impression in your team!

So this quarter, instead of doing escape room or paint and sip the same old, same old, give axe throwing a try. We guarantee your team has never experienced anything quite like the quality and superb attention to detail that axe throwing at Axe Master provides. We work with a priority on safety first and ensure that everyone has everything they need to be able to throw with confidence. We encourage you to browse our site to learn more about axe throwing, as well as how to make sure your next team outing is a complete success in a way that’s unique and nothing short of incredible.

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Looking for group activities in Atlanta OR SAN ANTONIO?

At Axe Master, we put axe throwing on the map! Located conveniently in Atlanta and San Antonio with plenty of free parking, our axe throwing challenges your skill and agility. But more than that, it also tests your precision and accuracy. Whether you need to lead a group activity to encourage people to get to know each other, or you are looking for something that’s off the beaten path of your typical corporate event to do in order to build team morale and confidence, axe throwing is one of those things that’s sure to be a hit. Here’s how it works:

At Axe Master, you start with two teams. Two lanes are set up with two targets. Every team member has an axe and is fully instructed fifteen minutes before starting on how best to throw the axe, along with a few practice throws. We use soft wood for the targets to help the axe stick better. The person who throws their axe and gets closest to the target wins. It’s simple yet exhilarating. And many people who try axe throwing for the first time discover a new hobby in the process and go on to join one of our axe throwing leagues. So as you can see, it’s much more than just a corporate event or conference! Let’s face it, there’s team building and then there’s AXE MASTER TEAM BUILDING. Which one do you think your team would enjoy more?

Corporate Outings: Motivate Your Team!

If you’re just looking for a way to motivate your team and those old fashioned team building activities just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to think outside the box. Team building doesn’t have to be a boring slog through a bunch of stale prompts and ideas. Axe throwing brings a whole new spark to the challenge and motivates your team to succeed. Whether you want people to hit new sales goals, get to know each other in a friendly, laid back and fun environment, or you want to boost morale, nothing inspires and cultivates energy quite like the sharp edge of an axe.

Axe throwing is simple to learn yet takes some time to practice and it won’t be long before you’ll be getting great at it, and that’s where the fun begins! In the spirit of competition, enjoy some hearty laughs and build confidence while motivating and encouraging your team to do their best.

Team Building Ideas: Technique and Precision

Axe throwing builds more than just confidence. Your team will also learn the importance of technique, precision and accuracy. Even if your work relies more on brains than brawn, you’ll find that people’s unique abilities start to come to the forefront when they’re challenged in a fun and exciting way. Leadership skills, teamwork skills, cooperation, and many other skills that are in demand in the business world start to form, and you begin to see how people blossom in their given roles. Try doing that with a scavenger hunt!

In a world of drab, boring corporate events, axe throwing at Axe Master Atlanta or San Antonio reflects well on you, too. A supervisor, manager or boss who chooses axe throwing for a business meeting is generally a creative thinker and inspirational leader. They’re not afraid to tackle the tough jobs and do what needs to be done. They want to do more than the ordinary. They want to embrace the extraordinary. When this happens, your employees and team know that they can trust you and come to you for solid, strong and reliable advice and direction no matter what industry you work in.

We welcome everyone from large corporations in Atlanta to small mom and pop businesses and everything in between. We’ve also worked with out of state companies and newcomers to the area, and what better way to welcome your team than with a hearty round of axe throwing! We think it’s the perfect way to let off some steam after a long day and celebrate hitting those goals and milestones!

A Wealth of Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Looking for a corporate event idea in Atlanta or San Antonio that goes beyond stuff like go kart races, ball pits and scavenger hunts? While those are all great ideas, it can be liberating to the imagination to stretch your wings a bit and try something new and exciting. Throwing an axe isn’t what most people think of when it comes to team building exercises, but once they try it, they’re amazed at how simple and fun it is!

Never Thrown an Axe Before? No Problem! We’ve Got You Covered!

We take care of everything, including providing all of the materials and proper training. We’ll show you the right techniques to hold and throw the axe, and because we believe safety is our most important priority, we make sure everyone has the skills and know how they need to throw successfully. We do ask that all participants wear closed toe shoes (avoid sandals and the like) because, although no one has ever been injured at our axe throwing bar, we’d like to avoid any ax-idents if we can!

We use wood targets designed to help the axe stick in firmly, so there’s little risk of the axe bouncing back or not sticking into its target. The axe edge that’s closest to the center bulls eye ring is the winner. The rules are easy to understand and you’ll pick them up in no time, creating an afternoon or an evening you and your team won’t soon forget!

Of course, if you’d rather not throw an axe and just want to watch, take pictures or cheer on the team, you’re welcome to do so! It’s much more fun if you get involved though, and once you try it, we know you’ll be back for more! Start today and build a team that’s more confident, outgoing, powerful, reliable, inspired and ready to take on the world or surmount their sales goals. It’s possible with Axe Master as your corporate team building outing event!

Let our experts help show you precisely what to do as well as make you feel comfortable about the axe throwing process. Axe Master is designed for adults of all ages and skill levels, and you may discover an exciting a thrilling new hobby in the process! It wouldn’t be the first time that axe throwing has created some incredible new ideas, but the only way you’ll know is to find out for yourself by giving it a try! Many of our patrons eagerly come back with other team members or departments to show off their skills!

Take The Next Step and Make Your Reservation Today!

Ready to learn more about axe throwing for your team building event? We’d love to have you! We welcome you to give us a call with any questions you may have about reserving our axe throwing area for your team building activities. If you have any questions about how to throw an axe or how the process works, we’d be delighted to answer those questions as well. You can also contact us directly from our website should you have any questions at all or would like more information before you get started.

We Also Have Corporate Gift Vouchers Available – The Perfect Gift to Say “Thank You!”

If you’re looking to buy a corporate gift for your team members, we also have gift vouchers available. Give the gift that helps your employees let off some steam or just have a great time. Nothing says “thank you for your hard work” quite like an axe lodged firmly in its target! More information about our vouchers can be had by giving us a call. Want to see what all this axe throwing fun is about before you sign up? No problem! Stop on in any time to watch teams, individuals, couples and other groups go head to head with an axe throwing competition!

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If you’re ready to take the next step and you’ve learned everything you need to know to decide that this is indeed the corporate event place for you, that’s fantastic! You can book over the phone or you can secure your reservation directly on our website. In order to accommodate large groups, we do ask that you let us know how many people will be attending when you make your reservation. Our online reservation calendar is secure and encrypted so your transaction data is hidden at all times.

When you’re ready to take your corporate event to the next level, it doesn’t get any easier than stopping by Axe Master or giving us a call. Read the many reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers and companies large and small. Then, when you’re ready to go beyond your ordinary team building exercises and into something that’s challenging while still building character and encouraging a few hearty laughs as well as a friendly competition, axe throwing is where it’s at. Discover for yourself why axe throwing is becoming the hottest trend in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We make it easy to get started even if you’ve never picked up an axe in your life.

Don’t wait and don’t feel like you have to settle for the same boring team building activities. Call today, stop by or reserve your spot online with the best place for axe throwing in Atlanta and San Antonio.