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Axe-throwing leagues are a thing and we have them.
Play opponents in weekly tournaments for a chance to be crowned our champion!

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How do Leagues work?

Axe-throwing leagues are a thing and we have them.
Play opponents in weekly tournaments for a chance to be crowned our champion!


Leagues are a great way to meet new people, compete in fun contests, learn throwing techniques, perfect your skills and win prizes Plus let’s be honest, it’s fun to just let loose and throw some axes!


Weekly Drink Specials During League

Discounts For Axe Throwing Mon – Fri

End Of The Season Awards & Prizes


This is not your traditional axe throwing league. This is an easy commitment (5 week) social league with fun games created by us. You don’t have to be an Axe Master to have a good time and earn points.

Weekly League Games Played Each Night

  • Lucky Dice
  • Cricket
  • 101
  • Standard Match

Games explained

Lucky Dice – A dice is rolled. The first competitor to strike the corresponding number on the board that the die lands on will receive one point. The game is played to 10 points.

When the number is struck, player receives a point, and rolls again until one player has 10 points. If players throw the needed number on same turn, it’s a wash, and play for the point continues.

Cricket – Best of 3

Players must strike all numbers on the board (1,2,3,4,6 & BLUE DOT) one time.

The only order that matters is that the blue dot must be struck last. If it’s struck prior to last, said player must reset at the beginning with any numbers previously hit returning to the board and continuing play.

Again, will be best 2/3, therefore a player must win this game twice against the opponent to win the match.

101 – Each player begins with 101 points and must land perfectly on zero to be declared the victor.

Before players may begin subtracting their scores, a blue dot must be struck to get out of start. The blue dot DOES not count for 8 points or any score, it merely gets you into the game, and allows you to start counting down any points scored until player lands on exactly ZERO points. If two players land on precisely zero at the same time, a tie breaker will determine the victor. Tie breaker throw will be whoever gets closest to the bullseye without striking it.

Standard Match – 10 throws highest total wins.

Players switch boards after five throws. On throw 5, and 10, it’s mandatory to throw in an attempt to strike the blue dot. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker will determine the winner. That winner will be the next person to hit a blue dot. If players keep matching dots during tie-breaker, the game isn’t over until one fails to do so after the other play has succeeded.

Axe Scoring Explained – If an axe breaks the line, the higher of the two numbers will be recorded. The blade of the axe must penetrate the scoring line in order to round upwards.The end of the axe, and the handle of the axe do not result in royunding upwards. All other hits within target rings will score the specified amount for that ring.


  • Monday Nights 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Starts June 1st till July 3rd
  • Individual Sign Ups (No Teams)
  • Make ups can be done on Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm



Each league consists of 5 weeks of play (4 weeks of regular play and 1 week of playoffs). Playoffs take place during week 5 with the top point leaders from the season competing in a double elimination tournament bracket. All other participants will play games to win prizes to be determined on the last day of league. There will be a catered event on the last day of league to celebrate the end of the season and awards & prizes will be paid out to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.