Are You Ready To Get MESSY?

Spin Art Nation is proud to present our newest adventure: The Paint Splatter Room! The ultimate form for creativity and stress relief!

Our Paint Splatter Room is the perfect adventure for date nights, or team building events! Let loose your creativity and a lot of stress as you create not only a masterpiece you get to take home, but some amazing and fun memories too!

I am sold! How does it work?

Make your reservation ahead of time online.

Once you arrive your Spin Artist will get you checked in and suited up with our coveralls, safety goggles, rain boots and more!

We’ll set you up in our state-of-the-ART (get it?!) Paint Splatter room where we can show you all the fun tools at your disposal!

The rest is up to you!

You and your group will have a whole hour in the room to run wild and create your art!

When you’re all done your Spin Artist will take care of your paintings while you and your team get cleaned up! You can leave your artwork to dry, or you can go for our Quick-dryer oven and take your art home within 5 minutes!

Looking for even more fun? Upgrade to our Glow Package and watch your art come to life with our UV paint and blacklight party experience!

Our paint splatter room is equipped with high power backlights for the kid in all of us and we provide you with 5 colors of UV reactive paint to play with!

I love it! How many people can we have in our group?

Our paint splatter room can handle up to 12 artists at once! So whether you’re planning a date night for two or a team building event we have you covered!

Will we be placed with other groups?

Heck no! You’ll get our splatter room all to yourself! We never combine groups together making sure you and your fellow artists get to enjoy a private party to have a great time with friends and family!

So we just throw paint around?

All that and so much more!  You choose your canvas size from our selection or design your very own backpack, tote bag, or even a t-shirt!

Once you’ve chosen your canvas your Splatter Artist will walk you through all the tools at your disposal! Fling, sling, brush, or blow paint all over while creating your masterpiece!

Choose from paint brushes, bottles, leaf blowers, straws, tape, and even water balloon launchers to create your art!

Once you’re done you can keep the party going with additional canvases or stay and add your own mark to room!

Do we need to bring painting clothes?

No way! We provide you with everything you’ll need to keep your own clothes clean! We’ll provide you with coveralls, rain boots, face shields, gloves, and even hair covers! You can wear whatever you’d like! Lots of guests love to help get a little paint on each other so choose your friends wisely!

Will we get messy?

Well, that’s up to you! We’ll give you everything you need to keep clean but getting messy is part of the fun! We only use washable paint so whether you get a little or a lot you’ll be able to wash it off right after!

What is the Glow package and what does it include?

First off it includes an amazing time! If your group decides on the Glow package, everyone will get 5 bottles of our UV reactive paint and just watch as your very own splatter studio is transformed with our Black lights and party lighting effects! You and your team will party like it’s 1999 rocking out to your own music and get rid of some stress!

Do we have to choose either Spin Art or the Splatter Studio?

Heck no! You can choose either or both if you’d like! We’re proud to offer something for everyone!