Axe Throwing Near Me

Axe Throwing Near Me: What to Know

So it has finally happened. You’ve read about axe throwing and you’re sold on the idea. Now all that’s left is to search. So you go to your computer, open up your favorite browser and ask it to:

Find Me the Nearest Axe Throwing Location!

While it’s true that there are plenty of places that do “axe throwing near me”, if you’re in Atlanta or San Antonio, there’s only one place to go for true pulse-pounding, axe throwing fun and that’s Axe Master!  No experience needed, and even if you’ve never picked up an axe in your life, you’ll be surprised at how easy and downright fun it can be to get into axe throwing! 

Challenge your friends with two lanes of superior aim, incredible technique and excitement. When you’re looking for something to do in Atlanta or San Antonio that’s “off the beaten path”, it doesn’t get any easier than Axe Master Axe throwing. 

Why Axe Master? 

Finding an axe throwing bar near me doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Axe Master, we’re one of the premiere places for hatchet throwing near me. Enjoy a true throwing experience where you can have an amazing time. We make it easy to book axe throwing for nearly all ages, from as young as 8 years old up to adults. If you’ve never tried an ax throwing experience before, we’d be delighted to introduce you to this fun game that’s perfect for kids, families, adults, coworkers or for everyone. 

At Axe Master, we take safety seriously and will instruct you on the best way to handle and throw the axe. With just a few tries, you’ll be throwing that axe with a polished, perfect technique and get it right into the bullseye. The closer the axe edge is to the center, the higher your score. WIll you beat your friends or will they ax-celerate to the finish? The only way to know is to try! 

Curious as to what happens if there’s a tie? Then it’s sudden death time! No, not like that. In the axe throwing world, a sudden death round (also known as a kill round…but don’t be scared of the terminology) just means throwing an axe toward the bulls eye until the one who’s closest to the center outscores their opponent. It’s that simple! It sounds much more harsher than it really is. 

How Does Axe Throwing Work? 

If you’re wondering about axe throwing near me (also written as ax throwing near me) and you want to find the best axe throwing locations near me, you’ll be glad to know that Axe Master is ready to help you hone your tomahawk throwing and ax throwing skills and show you a great time. For your safety (and also, you know, axes) we do not serve beer or alcohol, so we invite families, children and all ages from eight to adult to try axe throwing. Many people who come to us have never thrown an axe in their life, but once you try it and understand the easy to understand rules and how it works, you’ll be in for a great run! 

It’s truly as simple as throw axe target. There are two private throwing lanes where your backs are facing the rest of the groups. You’re free to throw axe at any time (and yes, it is a live axe, so it’s sharp!). The name of the game is to see which person can get the closest to the bulls-eye.   You earn points the closer you are to the bulls-eye, and you earn the most points if you hit the center. There are a number of ways to throw the axe and we’d be happy to show you although we’re sure you’ll catch on fast! We’ve taken people from complete beginners to seasoned veterans and many have gone on to join an axe throwing league to further hone their skills. 

Why Axe Master is the Best Hatchet Throwing In Atlanta And San Antonio

Simply put, Axe Master has it all. Great people. Experienced experts and lots and lots of axes! We can help you enjoy a great time with axe throwing. Even if you’ve never done it before and you’re looking for something fun to do in Atlanta for an evening or much more, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. We invite you to give us a call and schedule time to come in, (remember we don’t accept walkins) check it out, ask questions and see what the hottest new trend in Atlanta and San Antonio is all about! 

Our specially trained professionals can help guide you on the best way to throw an axe so that not only will you start hitting bulls-eyes before you know it, but you’ll also enjoy the thrill of victory with every throw. Watch yourself improve in this ancient and incredibly exciting hobby. Feeling even more confident! Join a league and test your skills against other players across Atlanta. Axe Master is where it all happens. 

We take great care to inspect our axes, target surfaces and much more so that all you have to do is aim, throw and win — victory roar optional. But we know that once you get started, it’s downright addictive. Much like official games and teams of darts with  tournaments, axe throwing also has official rules and teams involved if you decide to join a league. We can answer all of your questions about it if you’re interested! 

Axe Throwing Training 

There are a couple of ways to throw an axe. You can throw it like a baseball or overhead. Our experts will train you on the proper technique so that you can enjoy a memorable ax throwing experience. Both our hatchets and our targets are designed to be easy to throw and the throw tomahawk is designed to stick into the soft wood, so there’s virtually no worry that the axe is going to bounce off or otherwise not stick in place. The targets are often made of softer wood like poplar and pine, but the holes in these varieties of wood tend to seal up fast, so don’t worry that you’re going to split the target in half like a log! 

Great for Parties, Team Building and So Much More

Axe throwing is so much more fun than those bland, boring ice breakers at corporate team events. Why complain about your competition when you can throw an axe at their logo? Nothing brings people together quite like the sharpened end of an axe! (kidding, kidding!) But more than just team building events, Axe Master is great for birthay parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or any excuse to have a great time. We invite you to give us a call if you have any questions about axe throwing, or reserving a space for large groups for axe throwing near me! 

Still not sure about making a reservation? Want to check it out before you come? Give us a call and we will let you know when you can come in so we can show you everything in person. Remember we don’t accept walkins. We encourage you to read our countless reviews from satisfied customers, ranging from beginners to axe throwing pros so you can get a better idea of what’s involved. We encourage you to come wearing comfortable clothing, although we do require you to have closed-toe shoes. 

We take care of everything else including providing the axes and the targets. It doesn’t take a lot of investment or time to get good at axe throwing quickly, and we’re sure once you try it, you’ll be amazed at how simple and yet how addictive it is! This is a challenge hundreds of years in development and it has only recently experienced an emergence. If you’re ready to get your axe on, it doesn’t get any better than coming to Axe Master. (Looking for  other top things to do in Atlanta check out this great article.) 

Axe Throwing Around Me: How Long Does it Take? 

The entire process takes a 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the package you choose and it’s recommended that you come around 15 minutes early for proper training if you’ve never done axe throwing before. If you’re looking for the nearest ax throwing or hatchet throwing locations near me, you’ll be glad to know that at Axe Master, we make it easy to get started and have a fun challenging time. Easy to learn yet competitive, axe throwing is much more than a trend. it’s becoming a full-fledged sport and many people who try it once come back very soon thereafter to try again! 

Bring your friends, your family (including the kids – if they’re under 8 years older they play free with our foam axes and foam targets.), your co-workers or even bring you enemies (sorry, you’re not allowed to lodge an ax in their heads) and prepare to have a blast!  Our site always has news, info and content about ax throwing, so feel free to look around to get all the information you need or read our countless reviews from happy axe-throwing patrons! You’re even welcome to take all the photos if you want. We’d love for you to follow us on social media and tag Axe Master in your photos! Tell everyone you’ve found the best “axe throwing near me” in Atlanta, Georgia and San Antonio, Texas! 

Hatchet Throwing Near Me: Is It Safe? 

Although axe throwing is a current trend, we recommend practicing common sense safety tips. We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes (we don’t want any “ax-idents”). Our axe-throwing professionals will always be on hand to offer help and guide you as well as answer any questions you may have about the process so you can feel completely at ease whether it’s your first throw or your fiftieth. 

You’ll soon see that throwing an axe is pretty easy and fun! We won’t even mind if you decide to channel your inner lumberjack or Viking. In fact, we encourage it! Axe throwing is a tradition as old as the Viking times, so why not embrace your inner Nordic invader and throw that axe with strength and pride! We often host themed events to introduce more and more people to the world of axe throwing, so if you’ve never tried it and you’re wondering the best way to get started, Axe Master has you covered!  

Where’s the Best Axe Throwing Near Me? 

When considering the best place for Axe Throwing in Atlanta and Axe Throwing in San Antonio, you should ask yourself what you´re looking for in an axe throwing location. Strong, sturdy axes and targets are a given, but also great axe throwing experts that are ready to help you are what can make all the difference. Even if you´re just curious about axe throwing, you´re welcome to watch, but we highly encourage you to get involved! It´s affordable and tons of fun! 

It takes no time at all to get the training you need to start enjoying the exciting art of axe throwing. And if you want to go a step further, we can help with that too!  For example, we have competitive axe throwing leagues, so you can do more than just have a great time. Join a team, perfect your technique and enjoy the spirit of competition while enjoying an exciting new hobby! Many people who thought they’d never take up axe throwing have become pros in their own right. It’s amazing how great it feels to lodge an axe in the middle of the target. You feel a sense of triumph and confidence. Try getting that from dinner and a movie! 

Axe Throwing Gift Vouchers are Available!

Tired of pizza and a movie for date night? Romantic dinner AGAIN? Nah, do something that will really get your blood pumping. Nothing says love quite like throwing an axe! If you’re looking for the gift for someone that has everything, nothing beats an axe throwing gift voucher! Our gift voucher makes gift giving easy for any holiday or special events! Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and much more. If you’re all out of ideas, our vouchers are sure to amaze and delight the gift recipient. To learn more, we invite you to give us a call or reach out to us through our website for more details about our gift vouchers, or to reserve a place for your party. 

Ready to Learn More? Call Us or Reserve Your Spot on Our Site 

We’re conveniently located in Atlanta and San Antonio (Sugar Hill in Atlanta; Bandera Road in San Antonio), making it easy to find parking and get started enjoying the hottest new trend to take over the Atlanta area. Come by and watch your friends and neighbors tackle our axe throwing challenges or try it yourself. Axe throwing in Atlanta is one of this fun things to do in Atlanta affordable and a great way to spend an evening with your date. If you’ve read everything you need to know about axe throwing near me and you’re ready to join us, welcome! We’re happy to have you! You can reserve a place right on our website by choosing a date and time from our calendar. Be sure to let us know how many people will be joining you. We can host larger groups as well as couples or you’re welcome to come by on your own and give it a try. 

If you’d like to have some questions answered by an actual human being, no problem! We encourage you to give us a call and one of our axe throwing, hatchet-loving professionals will take the  time to answer all of your questions. If you’d like to make your reservation over the phone, you can do that as well. In the meantime, we invite you to read the countless reviews and testimonials from your fellow Atlanta residents as well as visitors from out of state who have decided to pick up the axe and give it a good throw at Axe Master. 

If you’re interested in reserving some axe throwing fun for a larger group like at a corporate event or birthday party, or you want to learn more about axe throwing itself including the history of axe throwing or how it can be used to help inspire creativity through team building challenges, we can definitely help you there too.  There are no restrictions in terms of axe throwing for adults, children and their families are also invited to give it a try! As long as your little one is eight years or older, they’re welcome! Safety is our first priority, and no one has ever been injured, so you can feel confident that your axe throwing introduction is one that’s safe, comfortable and tons of fun. 

Join us today by visiting us at our Atlanta and San Antonio axe throwing locations. Come by to cheer on your friends or family or pick up an axe and give it a try. It doesn’t cost much to have a good time, and at Axe Master, we’ve got your needs covered with great drinks and all the axe throwing fun you can handle. Check out our other pages on axe throwing near me then stop by and prepare to have the time of your life! 

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