Axe Throwing Date: A Creative Way to Spark Chemistry and Test Compatibility

What makes for an ideal date, especially a first date? It’s best to focus on concepts where you can talk and interact to get to know each other. Perhaps it should be indoors so it’s not weather-dependent. If you’re going to do something competitive, pick an unusual activity so you both have a level playing field. Everyone’s been bowling, and no one wants to be the one to get a 54 while the other person is getting strike after strike.

What date activity provides ample time to chat, won’t get rained out, and provides some exciting competition without being so mainstream— an axe-throwing date! Yes, an axe-throwing date will make just the impression you want. It’s out of the ordinary, gets the adrenaline going, and there’s little chance the person you’re asking out is already an axe-throwing pro. Whether it’s an axe-throwing first date or your 100th date, it’s a memorable experience to share. 

Is Axe Throwing a Good Date?

Absolutely! Here are a few reasons why it can create a memorable date.

1. Axe Throwing Is Unique

There’s little chance that the other person will have been asked out on an axe-throwing date, so that will create a special connection between you. Will you remember when the other person got a bullseye on their first try? Or when you tried throwing two axes at once? Absolutely!

2. It’s the Right Amount of Competitive

Want to find out whether your date can accept losing the game in good spirits? Perhaps you want to test whether the other person is more interested in winning or having a good time with you. You’d be surprised how much you can gauge someone’s personality when they’re throwing axes at targets. At Axe Master, you’ll receive training on how to throw the axe, so you know you’ll be starting at the same level.

3. You Can Goof Around With Each Other

Do you know what you can’t do in a movie theater? Talk. But you know what’s really fun? Friendly trash talk before you throw an axe at a target. Laughter makes people bond. Axe throwing is unique, interactive, and casual— all great qualities for a date.

The Ultimate Guide to an Axe-Throwing Date Night

You asked, and the other person said yes to a date. Congrats! Let’s make sure your axe-throwing date plans go smoothly.

1. What to Wear to an Axe Throwing Date

You don’t have to put on fancy clothing for this activity. Axe throwing date attire is casual wear — jeans, T-shirts, and close-toed shoes or boots. That’s it! You can wear a flannel shirt to feel more like a logger if you’d like. You could even wear a horned helmet and throw a double-bit axe to feel like a Viking. Playfulness is encouraged! Seriously, do an internet search for “What to wear for an axe-throwing date,” and you’ll find picture after picture of couples in costumes and fun outfits. 

2. Duration of Throwing

At Axe Master, you can select 1.5-hour or 2-hour throwing sessions. If you think your arm will get tired or have multiple stops on your date, maybe go for the 1.5-hour session. Think like a comedian and leave the audience (your date) wanting more. 

3. Average Cost

A 1.5-hour session at Axe Master costs $34.99 per person, while a 2-hour session costs $39.99 per person. Three additional axes will cost $10. Your session will take place in a private lane, just as you’d want for a date! Call well in advance. Part of getting your axe-throwing date set up is ensuring to book your lane.

4. Target Selections

You can throw axes at regular wooden regulation targets. You can also select interactive targets to make things more exciting and varied for your axe-throwing date. Want zombie heads instead of a bullseye? You got it! Want to play an axe-based game of tic-tac-toe? You can do it! Perhaps let your date choose. It’s a good show of sportsmanship if nothing else.

Axe Throwing Date Night Tips

Want it to be a memorable date for the right reasons? Here are some tips for you:

  • Take pictures! Axe Master has costumes to make your pics extra silly. Just make sure you tag Axe Master on social media.
  • Listen to your instructor. No one’s impressed when a date acts like a show-off.
  • Come in sober. Save the beers for celebrating after you throw around sharpened metal objects.

Finally, don’t take it too seriously! The score isn’t getting recorded on your permanent record. It’s meant to be fun.

Book an Axe-Ceptional Date at Axe Master!

Bad puns aside, axe throwing games offers everything you want on a fun date. Feeling that rush of adrenaline when you hit the target is an experience best shared with a special someone — or someone you hope will hold a significant role in your life. Ask the person out, and once they say yes, contact us and book your date at Axe Master!